A community-academic partnership
committed to fostering health 
equity in Detroit since 2000

Dissemination of Findings

Dissemination of findings from HEP's research is guided by the Dissemination Guidelines adopted by the HEP Steering Committee in 2001. HEP's commitment to community engagement includes, and extends beyond, the engagement of members of the Steering Committee in all aspects of our work. 

HEP is committed to:

  1. Sharing relevant results with study participants through, for example, through feedback forms with information about dietary, clinical (e.g. cholesterol levels) and anthropometric (e.g., height, weight) risk and protective factors associated with health, suggestions for reducing health risks, and Reports and Fact Sheets summarizing key findings.
  2. Disseminating study results widely within the community through, for example, through community presentations, newsletters and policy briefs.
  3. Working with community members to conduct community assessements. Examples include focus groups, informational meetings with key decision makers, and our youth photovoice project (see CATCH research project on our "Promoting Physical Activity" page).
  4. Working with community members to interpret results from community assessments through, for example Town Hall meetings, group discussions, collaborative writing and presentations.
  5. Working with community members to develop strategies to promote health. Examples include Intervention Planning Team meetings (see CATCH project), working with greenway groups to disseminate Greenway Reports, developing mini-grant collaborations to implement recommendations from research findings.

We also disemminate results through a wide range of research reports, publications, and presentations. Please visit the "Our Findings" section of this website for examples. 

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